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Wow! What a fortnight!

Soccer Manager 2023 launched just two weeks ago and  the team could not be more proud of the success the game has achieved in this short time.

The game has seen exponential growth and now boasts over 1.5 million users who, over the course of the last fourteen days, have racked up over 27 million games between them. To top these incredible figures off, gamers have also played Soccer Manager for almost two million hours. Phenomenal! 

Hard work certainly pays off as users, DAU and gross revenue are all up by way over 50% on last year’s game.

CEO Chris Gore said: “I’d like to thank everyone for their continued hard work on this project and we know for a fact that everyone in the team will continue to do us proud in the coming year”

CFO Max Lowe added: “Invincibles Studio is a very exciting company to be part of; the coming year is going to be an exciting one!”.


Bravo, Team Invincibles!