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Meet Iwo, Unity 2D Animator

Welcome to the latest Invincibles Studio Employee Spotlight! Today, we sat down with our resident Unity 2D Animation Expert Iwo Malkinski to find out a little more about his role & his journey to working at Invincibles Studio.


Prior to working at Invincibles Studio, Iwo was on a slightly different career path, assembling boilers and operating heavy machinery for a living. Switching to 2D Design, however, was a natural choice for him, given his love of art, graphic design, and VFX in gaming. This led to him joining us in 2015, and he’s never looked back!


What inspired you to get involved in game development?


“Have you ever played the Crash Bandicoot games? They are the main reason! Those games ignited a spark for creativity inside my head. Since playing them, I’ve had a dream to develop games that would trigger all sorts of emotions in people.”


How has your experience been since joining the company?


“Amazing! I’ve learned so much about the games industry that I think my head might explode! Marketing, QA, Programming, Social Media, and so much more! Working for Invincibles means that you aren’t stuck working in one area; you always get a chance to learn something new as long as you’re willing to reach for it.”


What has been your favourite part of working at Invincibles Studio?


“As an animator and a UI guy, I have the opportunity to work on multiple projects at the same time all throughout the year. This keeps me entertained and the work never becomes monotonous.”


What do you do outside of work?


“I’m currently working on finishing my own game. It’s been a little dream project of mine! I also play chess with my kids and teach them how to design board games!”


Finally – favourite animal?




 A huge thanks to Iwo for taking the time to sit down & chat to us about his journey into game development!