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“Gradualism in biology has to do with the evolution of a species. You can think of it as slow and steady. By definition, gradualism is the small, consistent changes within an organism that take place over time to give a species an advantage.” (

The team here at Invincibles Studio think that this is the perfect analogy for the evolution of our flagship games, the Soccer Manager Series. In contrast to making huge, radical and potentially disconcerting changes to the games, our developers have instead worked to improve and better the existing model, and they only ever add new features if they genuinely believe the new attribute will fit with the ethos of the existing iteration of the series.

As the launch of SM23 grows ever closer and as the team begin to feel the pressure, we thought it prudent to take just a few minute to reflect back on many years of hard work and think about how far the game has come has certainly reminded the team of the value of their hard work and dedication.

Progress doesn’t have to be fast or linear, it simply needs to happen in the best way possible.

Take a look at our progress from 2015-2023:

As you can see, Soccer Manager is the perfect example of Gradualism and the team have no intention of doing it any other way.